Kid’s Health Questions: “Why do we get sick more in Winter?”



Meet Muffy, one of the Little Bush Nurse’s friends!

Hmm, great question! There are a few reasons why we get sicker in winter…but to be honest I’m not sure that even the top, top scientists understand all the reasons we seem to get sick more often in winter. But here are three reasons to get us started!

Your hairy nose doesn’t work as well:

One reason we seem to catch more colds in winter may be because the inside bit of our noses gets cold and dry when we go outside. When the inside part of our nose is cold and dry the little hairs inside your nose don’t work as well (Yes! You do have a hairy nose – inside at least!)  and that means that germs don’t get pushed away, when germs don’t get pushed away we can get sick more easily.

Less fresh air:

Another reason we may get sicker more in winter is because we spend more time indoors than summer time. Maybe it’s too cold to go outside? Or maybe it’s raining or really windy – those days we prefer to stay snuggled up in the warm. But to stay warm we usually close the windows and doors don’t we? This means that the air inside isn’t as fresh and clean, it maybe a bit stuffy! Imagine if someone in the same room as you is a little bit unwell, coughing and sneezing and so on –those germs get passed around really easily in a stuffy warm, rather than if you are running around outside in the fresh air.

We want to be hibernating?

Did you know that some animals go to sleep all winter? Sometimes I wish I could sleep all winter too! Well, did you know that our bodies might actually find it harder to stay ‘well’ in winter than summer time? This is because of changes in something called our ‘genes’ – these changes mean our bodies can feel more sore and may even be less robust (robust is a fancy word for strong) in winter.

I was just joking about the hibernating part – but maybe it’s true??

How can we stay healthy in winter?

We need to take good care of ourselves all the time: Sleeping well, plenty of fresh air and sunlight when we can and eating healthily! We must remember to stay at home when we do get sick that way we give our body a chance to get well and also help to keep everyone around us stay healthy too.

Nurse  Naomi xxxNurse Naomi Bob and Fringe 2015





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