Meet the Characters!

Here are some of the beautiful characters from the Little Bush Nurse series, I love them all inside and out – I hope you agree!


The Little Bush Nurse: This practical, resourceful and spunky little girl is one awesome heroine to work with!


Crunchy Croc: This is one cool croc who loves to play in the creek with his bushy friends after school.


Muffy: Likes to have fun, especially if it means scaling a Eucalyptus tree at top speed at lunch time.


Tuffy: Intrepid explorer and adventurer, Tuffy is never far from the action.


Fluffy: Cool, calm and collected is this lovely Koala.


Lacey Lorikeet:  Hobbies include diving and zooming across the sky so fast, all you can see is a rainbow swirl!


Spike:  This busy cockatoo is a medico-messenger who always comes to get Bush Nurse when the animals ‘out back’ need help.


Wilton Wallaby: Hobbies include high jump, long jump, and any other sort of jump. He also likes to thump his feet and tail loudly to any sort of funky beat.


Tumpkin the Wombat: Ah, this guy is super chilled. He likes to move at his own pace, snoozing occasionally in-between. He is known for his gigantic yawns.

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